Stable Daily Reach All Over Kuwait

Daily Reach: 30.9%
Share of Audience: 15.8%
Average Time Spent Listening: 63 minutes

Source: Ipsos

About Marina FM 90.4

  • Marina FM 90.4 is the most popular radio station in Kuwait, broadcasting a variety of the latest news, talk, and pop music.
  • Marina FM 90.4 is the first private radio station that changed the game.
  • It is the only all-digital radio station.
  • 2009: Marina FM 90.4 became the first radio station in the Middle East to launch an application in both the App Store and Google Play (iOS & Android).
  • Marina FM 90.4 is everywhere: Radio, mobile app, and live streaming on YouTube.
  • 2016: Marina FM’s frequency changed from 88.8 to 90.4.
  • September 2019: Marina FM changed management and took a new direction towards customized and more creative radio advertisement.

Why Marina FM 90.4?

1 Marina FM 90.4 is a storyteller who use their channels not just to play music, but to make “changes” in Kuwait. That’s why they are in the trending list on twitter 3 times a week on average.
2 Marina FM 90.4 is not just a radio station, it is an influencer in the market using application, YouTube and Social Media channels presented by influencer presenters such as Ali Najim, Alaa AL Hindi, Talal Malik and Talloob.
3 Marina FM 90.4 is presenting much more than Spots, sponsorships, live coverages and full shows. Live mentions done by the presenters indirectly, customized segments, creative contents and much more can be done.
4 Marina FM 90.4 is a strong brand name with heritage. Strong media tools serve strong brands better.
5 It is the only radio station that focuses on digital channels. Their YouTube channel has 1 million subscribers with millions of views. The official Twitter account is extremely strong with 1 million real followers. Instagram has around 262,000 followers and the numbers are growing.
6 All superstars in the middle east have the trust that Marina FM is tremendously strong and impactful in the market. The radio get exclusive contents. They are the first to play the latest singles and albums, as well as interviews that would be the talk of the town (not only in Kuwait, but in GCC and the entire middle east).
7 Marina FM 90.4 presents the most up to date shows which makes it more attractive.

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