Co-ops are the lifelines of Kuwait. A communal concept that covers everything from grocery shopping, to car repair to banking. Despite the influx of various supermarkets and hypermarkets, co-ops continue to be the leading choice for most consumers, owning to their location within residential areas as well as the participation of local community.

COSMOS proudly announces our presence on the major Co-ops in Kuwait. We provide the biggest platform on the Co-ops in terms of size and coverage, improving the impact and reach of your message. Empower your campaigns with Co-op Screens & Static Touchpoints and increase your Media ROI.

7 Digital Co-ops Outdoor Screens (DOOH)
82% Total Exposure (2 weeks)
7 million Impressions (2 weeks)

Located in residential areas. Ability to reach audiences like never before.
High footfall and repeated traffic. Multiple exposure opportunities possible.
Deliver your message not only to the general audience, but also to the Kuwaiti population.
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ELAZRAQKuwait City , Alshamiya - Alshamiya Co-op
AL-Shamiya Co-op

Capital \ Shamiya - Kuwait City , Alshamiya - Alshamiya Co-op

ELAZRAQKuwait City - Al-Adailiya Co-op
Al-Adailiya Co-op

Capital \ Adailiya - Kuwait City - Al-Adailiya Co-op

ELAZRAQKuwait City - Al-Nuzha Co-op
Al-Nuzha Co-op

Capital \ Nuzha - Kuwait City - Al-Nuzha Co-op

ELAZRAQMubarak Al- Kabeer -Mubarak Al-kabeer Co-op
Mubarak Al-kabeer Co-op

Mubarak Al Kabir \ Mubarak Al Kabeer - Mubarak Al- Kabeer -Mubarak Al-kabeer Co-op

ELAZRAQMubarak Al-Kabeer - Al-Qurain Co-Op - No.3
Al-Qurain Co-op

Mubarak Al Kabir \ Mubarak Al-Kabeer & Al-Qurain Co-Op. Society Branch No. 3
street 12, Mubarak Al Kabeer, Kuwait

ELAZRAQAlhmadi - Fintas - Co-op
Fintas Co-op

Ahmadi \ Fintas - Alhmadi-Fintas- Co-op, Ahmadi. On the intersection of Abdulla Al Ali Hamdan St. and 1st St. Overlooking roundabout between Road 30 and Road 209. Facing cars approaching from Road 30 towards the roundabout.