At M2R We are the experts who bring innovative media and advertising services to Kuwait and the region. Our strong business partnerships rest on diverse innovative minds that drive us all to growing success.

Our new ambition, "Media ROI", is our new way to develop strategies made with innovative creators. Our teams are now shaping the future of our company, and are assisting our partners in shaping theirs too.

We make the dynamic media & advertising industry, engaging by constantly customizing and developing our tools and services in response to a fast-paced life. We help our partners unlock their inspiration to keep up with rapid change, achieve their goals, build more on their success stories, and continue to make the right decisions in societies that we understand very well.

We are passionate about the societies we belong to. Our bond with local culture helps us lead as one of the most authentic and reliable media service providers in the region. Authenticity gives us the knowledge that we value, and gives our partners the facts they need to grow and connect better with their environments.


With "Media ROI", M2R is the most preferred and reliable media and advertising partner in the MENA region, bringing distinctive and unique media solutions. M2R’s vision is strongly driven by ROI strategic thinking, excellence, innovation, integrity and authenticity, and social commitment.

To set the benchmark and standards in Digital Outdoor Screens (DOOH) & in-mall activation opportunities, and constantly strive to develop innovative ways to create the right impact in the digital age.
To refine and redefine media standards through consistent quality enhancements and media investments aiming at winning and retaining advertising excellence & media ROI.
To encourage the raise of media acquisitions, advertising knowledge, and innovation through comprehensive research to ensure the best and most effective results.
To enrich our famed services and optimize the media environment, creating a valuable and rich experience for partners, while considering more sustainable solutions for the environment.
Creative Empowerment
To foster employees’ innovation and creativity, gamifying work to unlock potential, and allow creators and innovators to find their dream creative digital hub in M2R to excel in developing media solutions.

M2R Values
Our new ambition “Media ROI” makes our partners and our media experts strongly connected. We focus on long-term partnerships with partners, and understand their businesses as if we own it, supported by a diverse human capital that composes M2R’s structure.
Delivering the most distinctive and unique media and advertising solutions, and providing the most effective and efficient services that constantly achieve goals. Being maximal in reliability and thus becoming the benchmark in the Media and Advertising industry in the region.
Integrity is the core of our valuable relationships with partners. Because of our deep understanding of regional culture, and our strong affiliation with our societies, we maintain our authenticity, delivering the services that precisely reflect our partners’ needs.
Fostering innovation in our teams is key for real ROI. Our collaborative Teamwork culture capitalizes on a diverse team of experts who bring great ideas and technology for our partners, striving towards achieving goals through creative ways.
Social Commitment
Our societies and local communities are part of us. Our social commitment ensures that our services do not disrupt our environments. We are working hard to tailor new sustainable services with emerging technologies that save power and energy, helping our cities to build resilience.


Since 2005, we have remained true to our mission "the preferred media partner" to our clients. We delivered the best media solutions that connected our partners with their consumers through efficient media campaigning.