The new Jazeera Airways terminal is designed to make travelling easier for passengers and provide them with a seamless travel experience. With a capacity exceeding 2 million passengers annually, it boasts a state-of-the-art design and facilities that offer passengers advanced self-service and check-in alternatives, a modern design to ease the flow of passengers, retail offerings, lots of parking spaces, and most importantly, a quick and simple 90-minute journey from parking to boarding.

T5 features a dedicated check-in hall, a Business Class lounge, direct access to Jazeera boarding gates, and a parking lot with 350 spaces connected to the terminal by a sky bridge. The terminal has its own passport control desks located at departure and arrival and one security checkpoint after passport control.

7 LED Screens in Jazeera Airways T5
2 million Average Annual Passengers
350 Parking Spaces

Benefits of Airport Advertising (T5 – Jazeera Airways)

A natural synergy exists between the extended dwell time in the departure lounge and digital advertising screens. Smart brands can forge strong connections with potential customers by adopting the technological capabilities of the airport’s advertising opportunities.

  • Airport passengers are excited for their trip and are receptive to messaging.
  • Three-fourths of the passengers like to treat themselves to indulge at the airport.
  • It is easier to reach key influential decision-makers.
  • Passengers expect to see prestigious brands advertise at airports.
  • High ad awareness and recall.
  • Highly captive audience leading to high engagement rates.
  • Reduced call-to-action time for products/brands available at airports.
  • An ever-growing audience as air travel keeps increasing.

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