• The Slayil Al Jahra Mall and resort is the center of attraction in the area.

  • There are over 10,000,000 annual visitors. Targets Medium to High End segments.

  • The Slayil Al Jahra Mall has a wide array of high quality and famous retail outlets, with a wide range of restaurants.

  • The Mall is set in an oasis of greenery and water environments. Gardens, flowers, water fountains makes gives it all a breath of fresh air.

  • A comprehensive venue catering for the whole family from shopping to hospitality, restaurants, hotel, chalet & entertainment.


Huge wall branding located on the main entrance & exit from the 5th ring road, having a great impact and targeting a massive number of traffic using them to enter & exit the mall.


Three faces huge branding located in phase 1&2, targeting all the traffic and having great impact due to eye level visibility. And smaller 2 side bridges located in phase 3 zone.


The elevators are located in a prime location inside phase 1&2, the client can choose by having a 12.5 x 4 or 4x4 branding perfect element for vertical visuals.


Ten circuits of fourty faces each spread under phase 1,2 and 3 for a maximum exposure covering the mall parking, the megacom are backlighted and have a great visibility.


The entrance lightbox is a powerful element due to the huge branding size backlighted targeting the cars entering the mall.


Ceiling banners, arch branding, digital screens, sliding doors, flags branding, grand signage, booth rental, car displays and events.